Applicant Details

Application Details

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(NOTE: We will not start reviewing your application until the applicant has completed the AP test with a passing mark of 80% and sent their certificate to [email protected])

Scheduled Products & Indications To Apply For

Approval is being sought for the following scheduled medicinal cannabis products & indications.

Additional Indications (Optional)

Additional Required Documents

Please ensure you upload with your application:
  • Previous HREC AP approval letter
  • Previous HREC AP amendment letter(s) *
  • TGA 6 monthly reports for previous HREC approval period
  • Patient Informed Consent Form +
  • Evidence of additional professional education (if available) 
* if applicable

+ template available on the RACGP website (you may use your own form, but it MUST state emphatically that driving under the influence of THC is ILLEGAL and there is NO medical defence at law)

To assist with our processing of your application:

  1. Please submit distinct documents as separate files, rather than merged into one file.
  2. Please name each file clearly, using the following formatting:

    [Applicant_first name_Applicant_surname_Title_of_document]





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