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Activity Title: ANZCCP Conference Day 1

Is AMA CPD Home your CPD home?
Please rate to what degree of proficiency you have from the following learning outcomes:
1. Explain the pathophysiology of the human body's endocannabinoid system.
2. Recall common constituents of cannabinoid base medications.
3. Identify current Australian TGA guidelines for the use of cannabinoid-based medicines used for common presentations.
4. Determine safety considerations in prescribing and titrating cannabinoid-based medications.
5. Summarise best practice recommendations in medication selection, dosing, and titration for cannabinoid-based treatments.
6. Describe appropriate TGA prescribing pathways and resources.
7. Identify key health professionals to collaborate with in a multidisciplinary setting to support patients.
8. Evaluate and communicate best practices for the daily administration of medicinal cannabis to patients.
9. Please rate what degree this activity was relevant to your practice:
10. I was provided opportunities to identify gaps in my knowledge:
11. Does this activity motivate you to change systems, processes in your practice that would improve patient or practice safety and/or care?
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